Setting the Stage: The Perfect Festive Table

Setting the Stage: The Perfect Festive Table

Setting the Stage: The Perfect Festive Table

The art of hosting a festive gathering lies not only in the delicious food and warm company but also in the visual feast you create on your dining table. Whether you're preparing for a holiday feast, a special occasion, or just a delightful dinner party, a thoughtfully designed table layout can set the mood and elevate the dining experience. In this blog, we'll explore some elements of a festive table setting, including tablecloths, napkins, and tantalizing table treats in explosions of colours, to help you create a memorable ambiance for your guests.

The Foundation: Tablecloths and Runners

  1. Tablecloths: The choice of tablecloth is the canvas for your festive table. Opt for one that matches the theme or mood of the occasion (AKA red and green for extra Christmas cheer!). Bold colors or patterns can add a playful touch to any table setting and washable cotton makes clean-ups way easier.

    We love the organic cotton KAD Square Table Cloth in Red Cabana Stripe!
  1. Table Runners: Runners can be used to add layers and dimension to your table setting. They work particularly well on rectangular tables, running down the center. A contrasting color or pattern to the tablecloth can create visual interest. Or, you could use the table runner alone to show off the wood underneath to add an earthy feel to the layout.

    The Kate Austin Designs Table Runner with Pompom Detail in Moss Pompom is a lovely choice!

The Essential Accessory: Napkins and Placemats 

  1. Napkin Selection: Cloth napkins in organic cotton are a sustainable way to spice up your table. Reusable, washable and soft soft soft. Mix and match napkins to create some interest and make the table setting appear more playful (apt for the festivities!!)

    We have a fun assortment of napkins to choose from! Stripes, floral patterns and more!  
  1. Folding Styles: Napkin folding can add a touch of elegance and fun to your table. Popular folds include the classic rectangle, the decorative fan fold, roses, bows for Christmas or (our favourite) Easter bunnies!!

    Cloth Napkin in Aqua Green Bunny Print – Set of 2 and 
    Cloth Napkin in Blue White Cabana Stripe – Set of 2 

  1. Bright Placemats: Enhance your tableware presentation with bright and fun patterned placemats. Match the occasion with festive colours or pick a print that stands out i.e Cabana Stripes!

    Our recommendation: Placemat in Pink Red Cabana Stripe 

Table Treats: Décor and More!

  1. Festive Crackers: Create customized table crackers for Christmas and Easter that double as gifts for guests. Use cloth napkins for a mess free table treat, and stuff them with surprises! Chocolates, toys, paper crowns, mini notebooks, the options are ENDLESS!

  1. Statement Tableware: Use statement tableware pieces to elevate your table setting. Vintage utensils, wooden serving bowls and handmade ceramics are all great options!

    We love bamboo and highly recommend Xenia Taler and all their gorgeous bamboo tableware items. Bonus, they come in fun patterns and colours!
  1. Bread Baskets: Serve freshly baked rolls or breadsticks in decorative baskets that complement your table setting. You can even personalize the bread by adding herbs, seeds, or a unique twist.

    We absolutely love Blackbird Bread!!

  1. Candy Buffet: Create a candy buffet as a sweet surprise for your guests. Fill glass jars with an assortment of candies, chocolates, and confections. Provide small bags or boxes so guests can take their favorites home!!

Lighting and Ambiance

  1. Candles: Candles add warmth and intimacy to your table. Use candle holders or lanterns to create a cozy atmosphere. Consider scented candles with aromas that complement your menu to go the extra mile. If you prefer to go scentless, fun novelty candles add extra interest and WHY NOT!

    How fun is this bottle of champagne (candle)?? 
  1. String Lights: For outdoor gatherings, string lights can be magical. Hang them overhead or wind them through your centerpiece for a fairy-tale ambiance.
  1. Floral Arrangements: Fresh flowers in coordinating colors can be a stunning focal point. Choose flowers that match the season and style of your event. Mix in some greenery for a natural touch. Dried flowers are also a great reusable and timeless option!

    Our fav: Poppies Plant of Joy! 


Creating a festive table layout is an art form that combines creativity and practicality. It's an opportunity to express your style, set the mood, and make your guests feel truly special. Whether you're aiming for a classic and elegant look or a whimsical and colorful setting, the elements of tablecloths, napkins, and table treats play a pivotal role in achieving a memorable dining experience. So, set the stage, and let your table become a canvas for celebration and joy!! Yay!!

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