HIWI with Marcia Connolly

HIWI with Marcia Connolly

HIWI with Marcia Connolly

WELCOME to HIWI!!! Rhymes with KIWI and stands for HOW I WEAR IT!

HIWI is a new feature that we are really excited about! We invite lovely interesting KAD-lovin peeps to answer 4 questions and it's really inspiring TBH! 

Our first HIWI gal, film-maker Marcia Connolly is starting us off in her awesome signature style with thoughtful answers, fab recos, awesome pix and although we are very sad those sparkly birks are no longer available... we LOVE this interview!

Marcia Connolly is an award-winning Nova Scotia-based documentary filmmaker, artist, art collector (her collection of art is SO great), taste maker, style-icon and occasional KAD supermodel :) 

I've known Marce since we were at art college together- she is one of the most creative, smart, stylish and hilarious people I am lucky to know- and her films are so beautiful! A couple of years ago she shot a series of films about the NSCAD print shop who recently revived their artist print series, collaborating with contemporary Canadian artists to produce an edition of prints in their studio. Marcia documented these collabs in a series of incredible short films- they are SO great! Every artist is so interesting and the process is so wild and inspiring. My absolute fave was her film about Shary Boyle and her FABULOUS print. I was already a fan of Shary's work, but honestly please take 10 minutes today and watch this film- Shary is SO funny and smart and talented and her work is just SO great. And there are still some prints available!  Fun fact: it was because of Marcia and this inspiring film that I connected with Shary Boyle and the iconic KAD Shary Dress came to be!!!  

Marcia is such a huge supporter of creative people around her, while being so talented and creative herself. Her generosity is remarkable and her outfits are legendary. Marce is truly a fearless style icon and we LOVE to see how she wears her KAD pieces. 

Marcia is currently working on an important documentary about Menopause- she's interviewing inspiring women and women's health activists having important conversations and shining a light on this epic time of life that's SO under-studied, ignored and dismissed by science and medicine dudes. Cannot WAIT to see this film! 

We are so grateful to know Marcia and to learn more about her here in HIWI! Yay! Thanks Marce!!! 

1. What are your fave shoes?

I have GLITTER sandals from Opening Ceremony X Birkenstock that I got 5 years ago and everytime a 6 year old tells me they love my shoes, I know they're still a good choice.

Fall is here and winter is coming nothing keeps my feet toastier than my Manitobah Moon Boots. It's worth noting they also get the 6-yr old seal of approval. Run do not walk they're on deep sale right now!!!! 

2. Tell us a Public Figure you admire

I admire and love journalist Connie Walker, her podcasts are essential listening. In Stolen: Surviving St. Micheal's, Connie,  "unearths how her family's story fits into one of Canada's darkest chapters: the residential school system."

3. What are you reading/listening to/watching right now?

Kyo Maclear is a beautiful writer and her recent memoir UNEARTHING: A Story of Tangled Love and Family Secrets got me back into the habit of reading before bed, so grateful. Hmmm... I'm sensing a trend.

4. Please share a fashion tip?

Don't save your clothes for good, wear them all the time. I adore my STUNNING Zora jacket and here I am wearing it on a walk with my kid and fur neighbour. Photo Credit to Marcia's awesome son Harlan. 

ps we also love Marcia's aviator nation happy face hat!