KAD by Zodiacs - Aquarius

KAD by Zodiacs - Aquarius

KAD by Zodiacs - Aquarius

When it comes to the zodiac, few signs encapsulate as much mystery, innovation, and individuality as the eleventh sign: Aquarius. Born between January 20th and February 18th, those under this sign are often recognized for their unique perspectives and unwavering commitment to change. Symbolized by the Water Bearer, Aquarians offer a refreshing wave of energy to the world. In this blog, we’ll celebrate some iconic Aquarians, recommend some KAD favs for the Aquarians in your lives and cherish this wonderful Zodiac sign.

Kate Austin, the talented designer behind Kate Austin Designs is also a fellow Aquarian! So you know this blog is going to be extra celebratory! Wahoo!

Happy Birthday Month Kate!!! 

Aquarius Flower -  The Bird of Paradise


Aquarians are the visionaries of the zodiac, always ahead of their time. Their innovative minds drive them to challenge conventions, pushing boundaries and reshaping the world around them. Their refusal to adhere to societal norms often sparks groundbreaking ideas that pave the way for progress. With a heart for humanity, Aquarians are passionate about causes that seek to improve the world. They value their freedom, often choosing paths that allow them to express their individuality without constraint.

9 awesome inspiring Aquarius women in art, music, politics and activism:

1. Yoko Ono


Yoko Ono is a Japanese multimedia artist, peace activist, and musician who gained widespread recognition for her avant-garde art and her influential role in the conceptual art movement of the 1960s and 1970s. She's known for her thought-provoking and boundary-pushing works across various mediums, advocating for peace and social change through art and activism.

2. Leontyne Price


Leontyne Price is an iconic American opera soprano renowned for her powerful and emotive voice. She's celebrated as one of the greatest opera singers of the 20th century. Price broke barriers as one of the first African American opera singers to achieve international acclaim, captivating audiences with her performances in leading roles at prestigious opera houses worldwide. Her voice, artistry, and contributions have left an indelible mark on the world of classical music.

3. Rosa Parks


Rosa Parks was a pivotal figure in the civil rights movement in the United States. Known as the "Mother of the Civil Rights Movement," she courageously refused to give up her seat to a white passenger on a segregated bus in Montgomery, Alabama, in 1955. Her act of defiance sparked the Montgomery Bus Boycott, a pivotal moment in the struggle against racial segregation. Parks' quiet strength, dignity, and commitment to justice made her an enduring symbol of resistance against discrimination and a catalyst for change in the fight for civil rights.

4. Virginia Woolf


Virginia Woolf was a pioneering English writer and a key figure in the modernist literary movement of the early 20th century. Renowned for her innovative narrative techniques and exploration of consciousness, Woolf's works delved into themes of feminism, mental health, and the complexities of human relationships. She co-founded the influential Bloomsbury Group, fostering intellectual and artistic exchange among prominent writers and artists of her time. Woolf's literary contributions continue to be celebrated for their profound influence on literature and their unique approach to storytelling and character development.

5. Betty Friedan


Betty Friedan was a prominent American feminist and author, best known for her groundbreaking book, "The Feminine Mystique”. Considered a seminal work in feminist literature, the book challenged the prevailing notion of women's roles in society and sparked the second-wave feminist movement. Friedan co-founded the National Organization for Women (NOW), advocating for women's rights, equality in the workplace, and reproductive freedoms. Her activism and writings played a significant role in reshaping societal perceptions of women and fostering greater opportunities and rights for women in the United States.

6. Alice Walker


Alice Walker is an acclaimed American author, poet, and activist known for her powerful literary works that often explore themes of race, gender, and social justice. She rose to prominence with her Pulitzer Prize-winning novel "The Color Purple," a poignant and emotionally rich story that examines the lives of African American women in the early 20th century South. Walker's writings, including novels, essays, and poetry, reflect her commitment to activism and advocate for equality, particularly for marginalized communities. Her work continues to inspire and provoke thought on issues of identity, oppression, and resilience.

7. Etta James


Etta James was a legendary American singer whose voice transcended genres, captivating audiences with her powerful and soulful performances. Known for her versatility, she effortlessly navigated through blues, R&B, jazz, and gospel music. James' music and stage presence left an indelible mark on the music industry, earning her a place among the greatest singers of all time. Her legacy continues to influence and inspire generations of musicians.

8. Toni Morrison


Toni Morrison was a trailblazing American author and Nobel laureate celebrated for her poignant and masterful storytelling. Her novels, including "Beloved," "Song of Solomon," and "The Bluest Eye," eloquently explored the African American experience, delving into themes of identity, race, trauma, and the complexities of human relationships. Morrison's writing style, characterized by rich prose and profound insights, earned her critical acclaim and numerous awards, including the Pulitzer Prize and the Nobel Prize in Literature. Her literary contributions continue to resonate deeply, shaping discussions on history, culture, and the human condition.

9. Mary Quant


Mary Quant is a British fashion designer who revolutionized the fashion scene in the 1960s with her bold, innovative designs. She's credited with popularizing the miniskirt and creating youthful, playful, and accessible clothing that epitomized the spirit of the "Swinging Sixties." Quant's influence extended beyond fashion; she embraced a sense of liberation and modernity, empowering a new generation with her iconic, trendsetting styles that broke away from traditional fashion norms. Her impact on the fashion industry remains significant and enduring.

Here are some things that remind us of the bold Aquarian: 

They embrace uniqueness and strive to make a statement with their style. Electric blue, metallic silver, bright pinks and vibrant turquoise reflect their progressive and individualistic nature. These colours add a touch of originality and highlight their eccentricity. Kate’s top pick for the creative Aquarian is the Ruby Dress in Pink and Red Stripe Linen with honorable mention to the Lena Robe in Zinnia which now comes as part of a Lounge Set with a matching Zinnia Mimi Dress too! 

For the decorator, the Set of 3 Mixed Handwoven Cabana Stripe Mats makes a bountiful gift! The Bonbon Bag in Blue and White Cabana Stripe appeals to the vibrant hues of colour that the Aquarian personality embodies. 

Embrace the Water Bearer's spirit, celebrate individuality, and let the waves of change guide you toward a brighter future. Discover the Aquarian within, and let its energy inspire and uplift your journey through life's ever-changing currents.