HIWI with Meg Greenlay

HIWI with Meg Greenlay

HIWI with Meg Greenlay

Meg in her garden cabana stripe linen Ruby Dress

YAY it's a new HIWI post!!!

First one in 2024... we love the HIWI's!!! Excited for this year's line up!!!

Today we had the opportunity to chat with Meg Greenlay in lovely Winnipeg! Meg is a Manitoba-based artist. loves creating colourful + quirky wares that brighten up everyday life. All her wares are made-to-order in a slow home studio setting and are created with sustainability in mind.  She enjoys mixing and matching patterns for a maximalism effect. Meg makes adorable ceramic brooches which is what drew me to her when we met at Inland last year!! I have one of her ceramic banana pins- my son loved it so much I had to get one for him too. Her pieces are in the Gardiner Museum shop here in Toronto, and in many other shops across Canada! Her instagram is also very fun- she has at least one very cute cat in her life :) 

Let's jump in and find some stuff out about Meg!

Meg in her red/pink cabana stripe Ruby Dress

What are your fave shoes?  
Lol as of the last year I’ve been tricking out several pairs of crocs ( lol who am I ) I also love a fashionable trainor - all my jobs require me to be active so I have decided to treat my feet well

Please tell us a public figure you admire and why!
I’m currently loving @iris.apfel and @dorothylovesnewyork …. These two remind me that we live life to the end and that age has no limits for opinions, flare and indulging I also thoroughly enjoy the story telling - i love listening to them talk about all the life they have experienced

What are you watching/reading/listening to right now?
oooooo I’m watching the new season of “True Detective “ , I’m fussing over the vogue F/W 2023/24 runway collection. I’m listening to lots of French playlists and old house music.

What's your fave fashion tip/hack?
My advice for fashion is wear you favourite colors, choose items that make your heart sing, take chances, make up themes for the week, more is more and most importantly buy from your friends and artists ( and send them the pics ) 

Many many thanks lovely Meg!!!