Happy New Year- Coffee With Kate!

Happy New Year- Coffee With Kate!

Happy New Year- Coffee With Kate!

Helloooo happy new year! 

It is so great to be here with you, sipping my coffee in a sunbeam— I feel so hopeful and excited for the new year ahead. 

THANK YOU for joining me, thank you with my whole heart!!! 

2023 was a wonderful year for KAD full of colour, print and pattern, art, activism, laughter and love. There was too much war and destruction in the world of course but I’m always hopeful … here’s hoping (and calling) for peace and tolerance in the new year. I will do my very best to bring joy, optimistic hope— and gorgeous textiles for us all in 2024!!!

I’ve been finding words/concepts for this new year of KAD and I wanted to share them with you. The first is WONDER. To be curious, to feel awe, to get that thrill of discovery and connection to the universe— what a gift! I find it in delicious shades of pinks and reds or greens and blues- even basic black and white (love a dark/light balance). I love to share my wonder--  in a box full of colour, in the impossible airiness and lightness of fine Indian cotton, and in a dress that makes you feel gorgeous and free!   I learned a new word in December that resonated with me as another KAD vibe for 2024, ATARAXIA- it’s an ancient greek word to describe serene joyful calm- I’ve been feeling it a lot lately, this deep equanimity- definitely my wonderful yoga practise (with Darcie Clark) helps, but also I think it’s from being surrounded by art and beauty. This fall I decided to paint a mural on our living room wall and the minute I started sketching it threw me into a state of ataraxia- I connected with a whole new level of joy!!! I’m excited to manifest ataraxia for us all this year- it’s very grounding and uplifting at the same time. I also feel quite giddy working on this painting— and so GIDDY is another guiding concept for 2024— that sense of playful fun and excitement is so full of life, I love that fizzy feeling full of happy anticipation and delight and I hope to carry it through all things KAD from blog posts to dresses and beyond!

here's the mural in progress so far! 

I’m very very excited for ALL the loveliness coming in the new year - starting with some joyful heart pillows (hello valentines! And just general LOVE)

and our new puffy brooches which I know I mentioned before because I am obsessed. We also have some new new new styles dropping soon- including the cutest tops, skirts and ponchos!!! Check out the twirliest stripiest skirt on lovely Kristen (as well as the awesome Anni Sarong in the new Zigzag print!)

We are introducing a new fabric for the ponchos- a lovely thick organic cotton twill… so excited!!!! We’re also working on new woven belt designs as well… so excited! These will be naturally dyed and hand woven in Guatemala… can’t wait!!! When I’m designing I often imagine going for walks in these outfits and how gorgeous everything will look in the newly budding trees or snowy fields or autumn leaves. Lately we’ve been doing lots of walking in the woods in Toronto - at High Park- it keeps me sane, keeps the dogs active and happy and gives me time to connect with nature even in the city— I am so grateful!

I was talking to my dear friend Andrea (she makes beautiful films) about WONDER and how it connects us to something outside ourselves, it connects us to the universe— I feel it all the time- in the colours around me, through art and nature. I hope you feel it often too- it’s such a gift. Speaking of wonder in art— we saw an incredible show over the holidays- please if you’re in Ontario you must go to the McMichael gallery and experience Marcel Dzama’s beautiful work in person. He also made a film which is quite magical, hilarious, poignant and gorgeous. His paintings, too! I feel so lucky that we got to go see it and I’m planning to go again as much as I can before it closes. Pure magic. 

The crazier the world gets (the list of horrors is too long and depressing!), the more I think art (Including music, literature, poetry, theatre, dance ETC) will set us free and keep us whole… and of course joyful comfy clothes cant hurt either :) I hope this new year brings you JOY and peace— lots of love from Kate xoxo