Coffee With Kate!

Coffee With Kate!

Coffee With Kate!

Welcome to KAD News! Thanks so much for dropping by!!

We are super excited to bring this blog back to life after a long hiatus -- there's a lot going on at KAD and lots to chat about so we are planning to make this a weekly treat!! Yaaay! We'll be posting updates of goings on in Kate's world of art, nature and travel, I'll talk about what inspires me, do some deep dives into our prints and styles, check in with what's happening here at the studio. We're starting a "How I wear It" feature-- we're calling it Hiwi (rhymes with Kiwi)-- where we find out a bit about lovely peeps and how they wear their KAD! We've also got the zodiac covered thanks to Ana's monthly insights. And more stuff too- we have lots of plans!! 

Today I’m so excited to share some highlights from some of my summer adventures with you today! Excited to bring this blog back to life after a long hiatus -- there's a lot going on at KAD and lots to chat about 

We took a lovely road trip to Massachusetts in July which was super inspiring and fabulous. I was really thrilled to be able to take my partner and kids to the Harvard Museum of Natural History where the Glass Flower Collection lives. My grandpa was a botanist at Harvard and I spent many many hours as a child at this museum ogling and marveling at these wild botanical creations made in glass. There are over 4000 pieces all made by this wild father son team in the 1880s through to the 1930s. There are plants and then magnified bits of plants all made in glass- so many incredible forms, definitely coming soon to a print for KAD one of these days :) The pic above is of, you guessed it, the coffee plant!!! 


We also spent some time by the ocean of course- so nice to be back at the Atlantic!!! I haven’t been swimming in the sea since the pandemic and it was high time we got into that salty water. I love the Massachusetts coast- spent time here when i was a kid, so we drove around and soaked up that great vibe and ate some delicious seafood too 

We also hung out in Boston- love this town. We saw Simone Leigh’s show at the ICA one of the best art exhibits I’ve ever seen- her work is INCREDIBLE– it is so powerful and beautiful and technical and just SO GOOD! The space was perfect for her pieces - we were all totally blown away. 

The ICA is nice and small so you can really spend time with the work and not fry your brain- the other show when we were there was also great- watercolour collage paintings by María Berrío. I especially liked this painting of stripey dresses in primary colours- a lil KAD vibe going on here! 

Happy Happy Almost October- it is so great to be back in the studio and back here for some coffee chats!!!! We are re-booting this blog and very excited about all the fun stuff we have to share in the coming weeks and months!!! Watch this space, as they say!! :)