Gifts for... the Lounge Lizard

Gifts for... the Lounge Lizard

Gifts for... the Lounge Lizard

Yeehaw it’s KAD Gift Guide Week Three- every Wednesday till the big day we’re blogging our top choices—  we’re counting down now! Today we have a fabulous round up for the LOUNGE LIZARDS in your life. Not to be confused with the fabulous John Lurie jazz band, the Lounge Lizards, although I’m sure they’d appreciate any of these KAD gifts too!!! But I digress! I think it is possible we are ALL lounge lizards in some way or another- getting cozy and curling up with a good book/movie is pretty hard to beat! The Hygge season is upon us and we are truly ready to LOUNGE. This round-up is for your peeps who love to lounge in style- in a lovely robe or flowy kaftan, wrapped in cashmere and mohair! 

 Our Kate Austin Lounge Lizard collection is all here for easy gifting, plus Kate has been compiling her absolute fave lounge-worthy goodies for you too- check them out! So much to love and give (and get!) (and get super cozy with!)...

  1. the most incredibly beautiful AND cozy one-of-a-kind beaded moccasins hand made in Northern Ontario by Cree artisans with moosehide and beaver fur- these are honestly the most cozy footwear you'll ever have/gift!
  2. the BEST pillows ever- Buckwheat hull pillows- truly the most comfortable and perfect temperature, amazing for your neck and back. 

  3.  this is the MOST FLUFFY and lightest most instantly cozy and warm blanket maybe in the universe? I am obsessed. I was gifted one last year and I am kinda hoping for another one this year. Can you have too many mohair blankets? Not if you're a true lounge lizard!!! 

  4.  for lounge ambience you cant go wrong with fancy plants! I need and love my indoor greenery  just as much as i need and love it outside... i believe in plant power! here's a total babe that will bloom and vine all around the room, the hoya! 

  5.  maybe because I'm british but I am a big hot water bottle fan! this very extra hot water bottle is from one of my fave shops in the world, objects of use, they really know how to curate a collection of incredible, useful, pleasing STUFF. this one is for the lounge lizard who has everything but doesnt yet have a metal space age japanese hot water bottle!!!! 

  6.  and of course no hot water bottle is complete without a fabulous hot water bottle cover- this soft shearling one from toast is my all time fave.  Last year I got this for my sister, and she got one for me!!!!!! And we both LOVE them!!

  7.  I believe the lounge needs to look good and you need a place to stash the blankets, hot water bottle, shearling cover- and kumari's has the most beautiful storage baskets  - they make perfect gifts! Check out the whole shop-- so much colour, so much coziness!!!!! I also regularly turn to baba tree baskets for amazing basket gifts- and dog/cat beds for the furry peeps on your lounge lizard gift list!!!!!!! 

  8. No lounge lizard's life would be complete without some cool candles in the mix! These shiny colourful MOMA beauties are on my wish list this year! 

  9.  And last but never least when you're lounging, I hope there's a hot cuppa in the mix. The ceramic artist Francesca Kaye is bigtime on my gift list- her creations are wild and wonderful and she's having a big sale on Nov 25. She makes BIG MUGS that look like they'd be PERFECT to curl up with on a snowy day- and they for sure make great gifts!!!