Coffee with Kate! February Edition❤️

Coffee with Kate! February Edition❤️

Coffee with Kate! February Edition❤️

Happy February my dear friends!!

glowing heart on a fence, black dog in a park

We are having the greyest winter ever here in TO - the sun has shone for mere hours over the past couple of months (evidence above- with glowing heart we see thee rise for half a moment!)  so I am extra grateful for light, colour and twinkle wherever I can find it! Like, in the studio!...

busy, happy art studio with block-printed bags on a line

We have three winter interns here at KAD which is so lovely- Casidhe (above, in yellow) and Abby are studying fashion at TMU and Chanchal (above, in cherry print Claude Shirt!) is studying fashion at George Brown. I love the energy in the studio when the interns are around- we are all excited to play and make stuff and hang out! Here's a pic from our block printing gift bags bonanza- so much fun, surrounded by colour and prints! These bags are how we package every order- and they are so handy. I started using them as shoe bags recently and they are the perfect size... yay!

I finally watched the excellent documentary Summer of Soul (SO GOOD) so we now have Hugh Masekela on repeat around here AHHH so groovy and uplifting. I find a little kitchen dance party is key in the winter months!! 

We've been prototyping some very very fun jewelry pieces here lately, using these gorgeous colorful handmade dyed grass beads made by artisans in Colombia. Stay tuned to see all the ways in which we will ALL be wearing these pops of colour in the spring...

Speaking of the spring, we've been busy busy getting our new pieces for spring ready and they're coming out SO great I'm seriously excited about it all! There are new prints and new styles- here's a little sneak peek sideview of the new poncho in a new lovely organic cotton jacket-weight twill fabric, coming soon yay! The neck is really cool- you can wear it up like a sort of cowlish big turtleneck or it can unbutton at the side and hang open for a lovely asymmetrical collar effect. I love love love this in the navy Koi print... just cant wait to wear it (or for the weather to be amenable to ponchos for that matter!) 
side view of cotton poncho light spring jacket in fish scale print
February is my birthday month so I'm really excited for my annual floral shopping spree- we go to the flower wholesalers and I lose my mind and fill every vase in the house with blooms in ALL the colours. Usually we also get a couple of branches to bloom (apple blossoms, magnolia, forsythia, cherry)-- hoping they have them this year for us again-- I just love watching all the incredible flowers emerge as the rest of the month unfolds. Here's a sampling of last years' haul setting up on the kitchen table-- I wish I could share the fragrance with you here too!...
I've also been working hard on my mural-- it's keeping that blissed out state going strong! I discovered adhesive mirror mosaic tiles- they are bringing that twinkle I love so much and add a truly exciting element to the mix! 
Here's a lil progress shot... the cloud lines are all mirrors-- got the ladder out so it's coming along, but still lots to paint, yay! 
I hope you have LOTS to look forward to this month as well- with colour and flowers in the mix of course !
I love February, not just because of my birthday :)-- I love valentine's day (i love seeing pink and red hearts everywhere :) ), love that it's a short month so we're getting to spring faster yahoo!!  I hope you have the BEST month- sending you LOVE and colour and light...