Print Chat: Starlight!

Print Chat: Starlight!

Print Chat: Starlight!

Today on our blog journey we are introducing a new feature...


Print Chat is a little moment to chat about Kate Austin prints and how they came to be! All KAD prints have a story and I'm SO excited to share them with you here! YAY...

So... first print chat is all about... Starlight! I’m a bit of a star gazing, night-sky-loving day-dreamer and Starlight is my visual ode to starry night skies. I've always been fascinated by the moon- one of my best friends sends me a moon calendar every year and I see the phases everywhere... like in this butternut squash I roasted the other night!

I took some inspiration from vintage drawings of constellations and comets– i love them so much! 

vintage image of stars and fireball in the sky

Also this design for the set for Mozart's opera, The Magic Flute has always been in my image collection and defo inspired this block!

My inspo for this colour palette is SUNSETS - especially this one, from a pic i took while sitting by a gorgeous warm fire on a beach in Nova Scotia a few summers ago...

LOVE this combo of blazing sinking sun orange and night sky inky purply blue and I am really happy with how it turned out in the Starlight Print!