HIWI with Betsy Cordes

HIWI with Betsy Cordes

HIWI with Betsy Cordes

Another HIWI? We're loving these so much and hope you are too! In today's super exciting feature, we chat with Betsy Cordes who is an amazing, incredible, super-awesome "Art Business Therapist" as some call her. She tells us a little bit about herself here:

I've been working with artists and in various corners of the art world my entire career. I feel really lucky to have found a way to combine my curiosities and varied professional experiences into a uniquely multi-faceted job. I call that job “art brand advising.” My clients call me things like "art business therapist," “artist’s spirit guide,” “The Artist Whisperer,” and “The Betsy Machine” (an apparently magical contraption that transforms vexing problems into manageable next steps). Flattering titles and job descriptions aside, let's just say I'm pleased and proud to be able to help by doing what comes naturally to me: supporting and empowering creative entrepreneurs so they can make a living making their art.

Betsy in the Georgia Dress in Black and White Wavy Stripe and the Kiki Kaftan in Mixed Pinks

I advise artists 1:1 through my studio, February 13 Creative [https://february13creative.com/]. I'm the founder and director of the Art Brand Alliance [https://artbrandalliance.com/]. And I'm the publisher/promoter of Mr. Dog’s Christmas at the Hollow Tree Inn, a long-forgotten 1898 tale by Albert Bigelow Paine that I brought back to life with the help of illustrator Adam McCauley [https://mrdogschristmas.com/]. In my spare time, I practice printmaking (primarily monotypes and block prints), I get in long philosophical debates with my mate, Chuck Cordes (he's an intellectual property attorney who conveniently works with precisely the same kinds of folks I do!), and we both dote on our mini-dachshund, Freya.

Mini-dachshund Freya and Betsy in the Georgia Dress in Black and White Wavy Stripe 

1. What are your fave shoes?

Seavees, a California sneaker brand. I especially love the Hawthorn in navy [https://www.seavees.com/products/womens-hawthorne-slip-on-classic-true-navy] and always have at least 2 pair on hand, one that I keep in nicer condition and call my "dress Seavees" 😂.

2. Please tell us a public figure you admire and why!

I'm pretty much enamored of any artist who's putting themselves out there, building a brand and a business around their art—Hello, Kate Austin!—I think it's brave and inspiring, and I think the world of business will evolve in beautiful ways as more artists take themselves seriously as business people.

3. What are you watching/reading/listening to right now?

I just discovered the 1969 French film, La Piscine, and I want to watch so many scenes on repeat. It's a super sexy, slow-burning psychological thriller, classic 60s fashions, impossibly gorgeous actors (Alain Delon, Romy Schneider, Jane Birkin)—all set around a swimming pool on a French Riviera estate. What's not to love?!

I'm reading Get The Picture by Bianca Bosker. It's disturbing and hilarious and earnest, and it's helping me understand how I can wholeheartedly love art and artists while kind of cringing about "the art world.

I'm listening to Ahmad's Blues (Ahmad Jamal). 🎹 💙

4. Your fave fashion tip/hack?

Black + Navy forever!

We hope you enjoyed the read and thank you so much Betsy!!