Cashmere Shawl Blossom Print - Indigo

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Type: Shawl

Luxurious, soft and light as air. Screen printed with indigo plant dye- this shawl is wearable art. Beautiful 100% cashmere, Blossom was inspired by fallen petals floating on the water- when the wind blows the lightest blooms onto the surface of a pond or a lake or a river I love the ripples and the patterns they make! These are a very limited, special edition- can’t wait for you to experience them irl! 💙

Be aware that the blue may transfer to other textiles, leather or skin whilst it’s worn. Soap cleans indigo from skin- alcohol based cleansers work wonders on fabric. General wear and use will fade the colour and gain its unique appearance. Best to wear it with darker clothing! 

Approximately   39" x 79" (100cm x 200cm)