Shigras - Black Stripe

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Type: Basket

These incredible Shigras are made from cactus fibre (Cabuya)!! They take a long time to make and they’re very special!  Every basket is handmade in the tiny remote Ecuadorean Andean community of Pilahuin. Hand made by wonderful Quechua women artisans. We use our shigras to hold: plants, scarves, mittens, craft supplies, knitting yarn, hairbrushes, potatoes, bread, and as a catch all for whatever you can think of! Organizing your home or workspace can be fun and beautiful. The tradition of making shigras is more than 3000 years old and we are THRILLED to offer them here. 

The Black Stripe Shigra is in gorgeous hand-dyed black and natural cabuya in a wide stripe. Each basket comes with a removable (hand sewn) gold foil-stamped upcycled leather flower logo charm.

Shigra baskets are made by hand with lots of love and each one is unique-- Size is approximate  8" (20 cm) tall | 8" (20 cm) diameter