Toni Duster in Navy Orange Starlight

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The Toni Duster! Silky cotton sateen in navy orange starlight! It’s the perfect layer- elbow length sleeves and big side pockets for carrying your essentials. It looks amazing over long sleeves because they stick out and layer so charmingly. It’s perfect over a lighter short sleeve dress or top as it’s just an extra lil something to keep you warm. Amp up any jeans/sweatpants and t-shirt moment with this lovely topper!!! 

  • One size fits many
  • Deep side pockets- easily fit phone and keys
  • 100% organic cotton sateen- so soft you need to feel it!
  • NEW Starlight Print in Navy and Orange
  • Long but not too long to bike in
  • Cardigan duster jacket great layer for all seasons!