Zora Jacket

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Zora is a shoulder season NECCESSITY ! Made from 100% organic silky cotton sateen, eco-dyed and hand block printed with original Kate Austin prints. Padded with a lovely layer of organic cotton and quilted, Zora is completely reversible!! Sunshine Drops Zora flips over to be a sunny saffron jacket. HUGE pockets in the front (or inside front, depending on how you wear it) for all your stuff- Zora is road ready. Soft and cozy and boxy without being crazy bulky— adorable belted or not! WE LOVE ZORA!

  • Padded and quilted for extra coziness
  • 100% organic cotton sateen
  • Handprinted and dyed with eco dyes
  • REVERSIBLE! Two jackets in one!
  • giant pockets will carry everything
  • one size fits many from XXS to XXL